Estimated Budget


  • Basic Room Addition​​- ($115 to $250 per square foot and up) Single room addition, crawl space foundation, minimal electrical, minimum structural work, no plumbing, average finishes, average number of windows, easy tie-in to existing structure, tie into existing heating system (Gerenally- the larger and more open the space is, the less per square foot).
  • Multi-Room Addition- ($150 to $325 per square foot and up) Multiple rooms, full concrete foundation, new mechanical systems, average to very nice finishes, bathroom, closets, tile, hardwood, cedar of fiber cement siding, average to somewhat difficult tie-in to existing structure.
  • Two-Store Addition- ($175 per square foot and up) Same criteria as above. Generally, adding another floor above the other is more cost effective because the space shares the same roof and foundation. This is not the same as adding a second story of an existing space.


  • Simple Bathroom Upgrade- ($10,000 and up) Remove and replace all contents of an average sized, three fixture bathroom including the tub/shower, toilet, sink, faucet, vanity and pre-manufactured solid surface top, installing new flooring and paint, new exhaust fan, vanity light and mirror. Everything to connect to existing plumbing in existing locations. Most of the wall and ceiling finishes would stay in tact.
  • Complete Bathroom Remodel- ($15,000 and up) Gut an entire, average sized, three fixture bathroom and replace all the contents including new tub/shower, toilet, sink, faucet, vanity, and pre-manufactured solid surface top, installing new tile flooring and paint, new exhaust fan, vanity light and mirror. Everything to connect to existing plumbing in existing locations.
  • Complete Bathroom Remodel (High- End)- ($22,000 to $29,000 and up) Same criteria as above but with nicer finishes like ceramic tile surrounding the tub or shower, custom built shower area, glass shower enclosure, tile flooring, radiant heat in the floor, some new plumbing, completely new electrical and lighting system, and possibly some tile on the walls outside the shower.
  • Master Bathroom Remodel- ($30,000 to $40,000 and up) Typically master bathrooms may have two sinks and a separate shower. Oftentimes the also are larger and with nicer finishes. This type of remodel would be similar in scope to a complete bathroom remodel with high- end finishes and fixtures.
  • Simple Bathroom Addition- ($18,000 and up) Simple 6′ x 8′ bathroom addition, crawl space foundation, cedar or fiber cement siding, one small window, electric and plumbing to connect near addition on basement with easy access, easy tie-in to existing home, basic bathroom finishes and fixtures.
  • Upgraded Bathroom Addition- ($30,000 and up) Same criteria as above, but larger at 10′ x 12′ with separate shower, whirlpool tub, two sinks, separate room for toilet, linen closet, custom vanity and tops, high- end finishes and fixtures.


  • Basic Kitchen Upgrade- ($14,000 and up) If the layout of your kitchen is essentially okay, you may only want to replace your cabinets, countertops, sink and flooring. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceiling. Basically everything would stay in its current location. This would include semi-custom cabinets  and countertops. Based on a 12’x12′ kitchen.
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel- ($25,000 and up) Maybe you are in need of a more extensive renovation.  Relocation of some of the appliances and sink. Included in this would be a new layout design, updated electrical and lighting on existing circuitry, semi-custom to fully-custom cabinets, existing wall and ceiling plaster or drywall would remain, custom counter tops, new flooring and paint. Based on a 12’x14′ kitchen.
  • Major Kitchen Remodel- ($45,000 and up) Extensive renovation involving complete “gutting” where we would remove everything including the wall and ceiling finishes exposing the framing. In addition to a new design, also included would be new electrical, lighting and plumbing within the kitchen, new wall and ceiling finishes, tile or hardwood flooring, custom cabinets and solid surface or stone tops, one or two new windows. High end appliances will likely add to the cost. Based on a 200 SF kitchen.


  • Entry Door Replacements- ($800 to $3,000 and up) Replace your front door. Single units are less than units including sidelights and ornate glazing options. We install doors by high quality manufacturers.
  • Patio Doors- ($1,500 to $4,000 and up) New patio doors operate incredibly smooth compared to the older ones. Our doors can have stain grade or painted interior with aluminum clad exterior, or complete vinyl units. We install high quality manufacturers products. We typically install our doors using a custom flashing pan to ensure they will not leak at the sill.


  • Garages- ($45-$75 per square foot and up) Based on a basic detached garage with new slab foundation, wood framed walls, truss roof system, basic siding and soffits, a few windows, one entry door, garage door with opener, electrical and lighting system to code.

Porches & Decks

  • Porches- ($100 to $350 per square foot) Costs are based on constructing a new “Classic Style” porch with footings below the frost line, posts and/or columns, floor framing and flooring/decking, spindled railings, lattice work, steps, beaded ceilings, lighting, roof framing, roofing, tie-in to existing house.
    Decks- ($20 per square foot and up for simple pressure treated decking to $55 per square foot and up for composite decking)  There are many materials to choose from. Most decks are constructed using pressure treated yellow pine which holds up well against the moisture. For reduced maintenance you may want to consider choosing composite materials. Also, you should consider changing the existing grade if it doesn’t drain properly. Cost figures mentioned are based on adding a deck with footings and posts to 36″ below grade, PT framing, single to two levels, spindled or cable railings all around, decking pre-drilled and screwed, properly flashed where attached to the house, lattice and stairs.


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